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Tuesday, 23 October 2012 16:15

Gary Johnson Takes Lead in WVa Presidential Polls

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WHEELING- Despite being locked out of all three Presidential Debates, statewide polls indicate Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, is leading both his Republican and Democrat running mates.

There is much to cheer about in the Wheeling Victory Campaign Headquarters for Gary Johnson.  Recent West Virginia polls show Johnson is trending with a narrow lead in the 2012 Presidential Election.  West Virginia is the third such state -- while most other states are still considered battleground states for the Libertarian.

pollchart"I'm running my campaign like I run marathons," said the fit, avid runner "You don't jackrabbit to the front of the pack in the beginning.  It's all about stamina and momentum.  We're now entering the final lap, and I'm asking all Americans to get up, and get in the race with me.  

"This isn't about Gary Johnson or even the Libertarian Party.  It's about the future of America.  Everyone has a voice, everyone has a vote.  Everyone has a chance to make a difference."

Formerly entering the race as a Republican, the former successful Governor of New Mexico is confident his experience and vision will win the day.  Wheeling campaign strategist, Noah Skuze told TheDiggerer, "Gary is our perfect candidate, America will fall in love with him once they get to know him.  The networks, including the 'Fair and Balanced' one has shut us out completely.  So much for giving America a true choice.  We are frustrated, but not beaten.  Gary has executive and business experience.  He's pro-life, pro-gay marriage and pro-school vouchers. He's against gun control and pro-military - but he knows it's time to bring our men and women home.  He also knows how to balance a budget.  He's the only real choice in 2012!"

Neither campaign spokesmen for the Romney or Obama camp could be reached for comment.  Likely, they are still trying to figure out who Gary Johnson is, and how he made it on the ballot.

Early voting in West Virginia starts soon, varying per county rules.



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