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Friday, 30 November 2012 13:45

MTV Buckwild Cancelled Same Day It Was Announced

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Charleston- No sooner was the latest MTV 'Reality' show, "Buckwild" announced to the world, it was cancelled.  Swift action from West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is being credited for the reversal.

This isn't the first time Manchin has made hollywood headlines.  In 2008, then Governor Manchin and others protested against the producers of the horror, thriller, 'Shelter' when it was discovered the Pittsburgh casting director was seeking odd-looking, even physically deformed people to portray W.Va. residents.  Because of their complaints, the casting director was fired and apologizes were made.  "Oh behalf of the entire 'Shelter' production, we regret and are deeply sorry for the very insensitive casting call sent out without our knowledge by our casting director Donna Belajac who has been dismissed from this project as a result."

And Joe Manchin isn't the first of his family to protest negative stereotypes of mountain folk.  His uncle, and former Delegate, A. James Manchin was always quick to raise awareness to any attempt to besmirch the good people of West Virginia.  His most famous, but less successful campaign was against the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and "The Love Boat" in 1980 [LINK].  Manchin and others were incensed by the portrayal of West Virginias as 'sloppy, ignorant, violent people'.

Jump forward four years.

Replacing the now over-hyped, over-exposed, and highly profitable 'Jersey Shore', MTV decided to jump on board the 'Redneck Reality Convoy'.  Following hit 'redneck' shows such as "Swamp People", "Moonshine", "Hogs gone Wild", "Honey Boo-Boo" and "Duck Dynasty", MTV chose to forgo originality (along with dignity) and create a show around a group of West Virginia teens just looking to have a good time.

"The trouble began just as soon as we started filming," said MTV Programming Head, David Janollari.  "For some reason, The West Virginia Film Office wasn't impressed and turned us down twice, to recieve tax credits for filming, here.  It's not like West Virginia has a booming film industry, who ELSE will they give Filming Tax Credits to?  A remake of The Deliverance?  Cause THAT's gonna make the state look good!"

Despite obstacles and production problems (MTV crew couldn't find enough 'Smart Water' to supply Craft Services), they trudged ahead and created a trailer and pilot episode.  "The network loved it immediately," said Janollari.  "But as soon as they bought the show and ordered a full season, word got out and they shut us down."

"They" would be Joe Manchin and a fast acting group of concerned citizens.  Joe Manchin told TheDiggerer, "I did this for West Virginia, for our children, and for the memory of my wonderful uncle, A. James Manchin.  I'd like to think he's here in spirit helping us put a stop to these types of negative stereotypes.  I also did it for America.  I would hate for Americans to start hating West Virginia as much as they do Jersey right now."

Joining the Senator were several citizen and media watchdog groups. Together, they were able to frighten enough advertisers away to make the show look like a total loss before they even aired.  "We don't need another Jersey Shore," said one protestor "...or a Muddy Shore, for that matter."

Not everyone is happy the show has been cancelled.  Dusty 'Mud' Butts was the only gay member of the upcoming cast.  He was hoping to dispell gay stereotypes.  "Sure, the money would have been nice, and so would the fame.  I was also hoping to land a few commercial and movie deals like Jersey Shore cast members did.  But mainly, I wanted to show America that gays in West Virginia are just like gays everywhere.  We make our own moonshine, grow Marijuana, drive four-wheelers through muddy creeks -- just like everyone else."

MTV producer, Justin Eitme agrees, "We'll move on and try another show, somewhere else, but... we at MTV try hard to make socially relevant, responsible programming.  It saddens me when nazi-types censor important, uplifting shows like ours.  What is American coming to?" 

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Parody becomes reality: Manchin asks for canceling of Buckwild

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  • Comment Link Jeff Bryson Monday, 03 December 2012 19:23 posted by Jeff Bryson

    Senator Manchin did the right thing. This group does not represent WV and it was not "socially relevant," as the MTV producer proclaimed. That was just a misguided comment on the producer's part. WV has a proud history of integrity, and the media loves to show those few souls who exhibit nothing but selfishness.

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