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Thursday, 07 February 2013 20:39

Monopoly Takes Aim with New Bullet Token

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HASBRO- The votes have been counted and the Iron is "flat out" and the Cat is in "by a whisker"!  However, that's not the only change coming for Monopoly fans.  Several tokens are going to "Jail", NOT passing "GO!" or collecting $200.  But fear not, brand new, updated tokens are taking their place.  After all the votes have been counted two other tokens are joining little Fluffy.  They are an Airstrike Drone and a shiny new Bullet.

As expected, fans had mixed reactions.

June Margaret, a housewife from Charlton Heights, said, "I'm sorry to see the iron go.  It reminds me how great permanent press and laundromats are!"  Others just hate cats, period.  "I'll never play that game again!" said Odie Arbuckle. "A cat? Why did it have to be a cat?  It doesn't even make sense in the world of the game.  Landlords never allow cats.  I'll never get to land on anyone's property, again."

While the internet was purring over the cat, news of the two controversial new pieces went largely overlooked.  In an electronic world of LOLCATS and, well let's be honest... every OTHER post on Facebook, perhaps it's not surprising.  Why were such deadly tokens chosen, instead of a helicopter, robot, diamond ring and a guitar?  

Jonathan Berkowitz, Vice President for Hasbro Game Marketing, has an opinion.  "If we had held the vote earlier last year I don't think it would have gone this way.  But Americans are single-minded and frankly, parrot whatever the TV tells them is important.  Right now, that's bullets and drones.  Go figure.  I guess we're lucky it wasn't Kim Kardasian's large posterior."

However, voting threads were full of comments giving insight to the unexpected outcome.  Some clearly voted out of spite or as a joke, but many proudly announced they wanted to help President Obama make everyone comfortable with drones flying overhead [LINK] and homeland security purchasing over 23 million bullets [LINK].  

Others pointed out that in a game where going to jail is a regular occurrence, bullets just make sense.  DEMonLIBerator2012 offered his two cents, "Everyone nos that guns and bullits are evil. I thinx enyone who haz a gun should be shot down by an Obama drone ...or at leest go to jale!"

Gun advocates also love the bullet token ...for other reasons. "Now, I can conceal carry around the board!  And if someone 'breaks into' my property and tries to rob me... 'BAMMO!'.  No more freeloaders!"

Regardless of the reasons, your next trip around the board may be at the speed of a bullet - or at least an umanned drone.  

Roll the dice and make your move... just keep your eye on the skies.

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