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Thursday, 12 April 2012 23:00

WV Bans Confederate Flag for Black History Month

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West Virgina is 'cleaning up it's act' and is banning all Confederate flags from flying during Black History Month which takes place every February. Any display of rebel flags including bumper stickers and t-shirts will result in $200 fines.

Senator Mike Phelps said, "For years West Virginians have been called poor white trash. We want to clean up our act and image by doing away with something that is deemed as offensive to an ever growing segment of our population. Decades ago there were not many blacks in West Virginia so it was not a problem. But, we realize now that it would be hurtful to be black and have your neighbor fly a confederate flag. I understand that the Confederate flag has historic value and meaning other than racial implications but we do not think it is too much to ask for our citizens to be sensitive for one month out of the year."

Charles Jackson, President of The NCAAP of West Virginia agrees, "It doesn't make up for whites holding our people as slave all of those years but it will be refreshing not to see this symbol of redneckism and racism flying in our faces for a month. There is nothing more disgraceful then to see some cracker driving down the street in a broken down pickup truck blaring Hank Williams Jr with a hound dog in the back and a redneck flag waving."

Vern Graham disagrees, "They don't understand our flag. Our relatives may have lost but they died for us to have the right to wave our flag proudly for twelve months out of the year, not just eleven. Robert E. Lee is rolling in his grave. I knew as soon as we got a black president this would happen. Not that I have anything against Obama, I think he'll go down as one of America's best presidents ...I'm just saying."

The offical banning of the Confederate flag is projected as being a way for West Virginians to clean up the reputation they have as being insensitive hillbillies. Phelps said, "At least this puts us ahead of Virginians and Georgians."

The ban will start February 1st and end each year on March 1st. The law is just for public display as of now, but the NCAAP is pushing for all flags even those in private homes and trucks to be removed.

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  • Comment Link Christi Friday, 13 April 2012 01:25 posted by Christi

    Get over it already, and go back and see who it was that started slavery, it was not a white man!!! I am truly sorry that any person would have to suffer the way that slaves did but that was then and it is not that way now. I am sick and tired of hearing, it is because im black, it is because I am black....well Hell I am Indian and my ancestors land was taken from them and women raped but I do not go around crying that story everytime things do not go my way!!!! It is a excuse!!! I wear Confederate flags on my shirts sometimes but it is not because I am out to hurt anyone you know what about all the sagging, baggy pants showing your underwear...I mean really who wants to see that. My clothing does not make me the person i am, I do and for Charles Jackson to refer to white people of our state as crackers because some of us listen to Hank, that is what makes racism what it is today, and just makes him look like trash!!! You can not state " Lets be sympathetic and not flash a piece of material in front of everyones face and then turn around and call them a cracker...WTH. I grew up listening to Muddy Waters, B.B.King, Charlie Pride and I do listen to rock, some country and rap, including classical..
    , Yes, there should be some respect on everyones part but at the same time a 200.00 fine "REALLY" whose pockets is he trying to fatten and In your own personal home, I dont think so, that is just going to far and is a waste of time!!

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