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Monday, 16 April 2012 10:41

NAACP Fights To Have Black Bears Called North American Bears

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The NAACP announced this morning they are launching a campaign and lawsuit to have the name Black Bear changed to avoid racial overtones.

NAACP President Nate Greer announced in a press conference Monday morning the NAACP has decided to act on complaints steming from the name  'Black Bear', and seeks to have the name changed to North American Bear.

Greer mentioned that Native Indians had several names for the bears, however white Europeans referred to them in the most crude, short-hand, name possible, 'Black Bears.' Greer pointed out that many of the bears are not even black but actually cinnamon in color.

"We feel that 'Black Bear' is a racial slur." Greer suggested, "Polar bears are not called 'white bears'.  Why would any animal be referenced or named by it's color?" Because the bears are found exclusively in North America, the NAACP is asking that the name be changed to 'North American Bear'.  

"We need to be more senstivie and stop labeling things by their color, particularly living creatures.  Children are learning about bears in school and what they are being taught is to brand things by their color. That is wrong. If we are ever going to end racism we have to eradicate it whereever it's found."

The NAACP is calling for July to be Animal Discrimination Awareness Month. The purpose of this month is to increase awareness of the problem. Posters and calendars will be sold featuring the bear and bringing attention to it's plight.

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